Cheerry Red Announces Release Date: 12.12.22

Posted by Andrew Harding on

Cheerry Red, your favorite sarcastic indie DIY electro rock artist from New York has announced that the second LP, "Radical Lifestyle Change," will be released on December 12 of this year. Mark it, dude: 12/12/22. 

The 13-track follow-up LP to "Can't Explain This Kind of Crazy" is indeed a response to the aforementioned debut album, which calls back to its predecessor musically and lyrically. The lyric "I feel a minor satisfaction that I'm not the kind of crazy that one can explain" appears in several songs on the upcoming album. And whereas "Can't Explain..." was a purposeful musical departure from Cheerry Red's work as a member of The Motor Tom, whose sound is clean and songs are concise, "Radical..." seeks to close the loop between the two stylistic approaches. Songs like "Laura"; "What Did Mama Tell You?"; "Leaving on the Next Train to Boston"; "Useless to Resist"; and the title track, "Radical Lifestyle Change," are neatly-organized, hit-potential songs that represent the artist's pursuit of his own concise music structure. 

Keep an eye out for the 13-day video series, which will include official music videos, live AMAs, and educational workout videos - spandex anyone? - that will commence November 30.

"Radical Lifestyle Change"
by Cheerry Red
Track listing
  1. Let's Take a Ride (featuring Chris St. Hilaire on drums)
  2. Just Maybe
  3. Laura (featuring Chris St. Hilaire on drums)
  4. Leaving on the Next Train to Boston
  5. The Stress (featuring Chris St. Hilaire on drums)
  6. You Can Call Me Alex (featuring Chris St. Hilaire on drums)
  7. Useless to Resist
  8. I Just Can't Take It or As Lonely as Lonely Gets (featuring Chris St. Hilaire on drums)
  9. Slip n Slide (featuring Chris St. Hilaire on drums)
  10. What Did Mama Tell You? (featuring Chris St. Hilaire on drums)
  11. ABCDEF
  12. Radical Lifestyle Change
  13. Standing on My Own Two Feet

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